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The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion: Zero to crazy in 90 seconds flat. (My burning question: If they think Danielle is such garbage, why would they even care at this point?

Yessir, that's about as long as it took for Teresa Giudice to unleash her first zinger at Danielle Staub, all while ostensibly answering host Andy Cohen's innocent question about what they think about that other Jersey reality show. I think Danielle could relate to them, right Danielle? Why wouldn't they welcome Danielle being incommunicado?

Teresa is taken aback, but snaps to fairly quickly. "I could have quite possibly been hit there, so someone needs to be on her. You just gave it to her -- again." It may be true that Danielle wants it, but isn't it also true that Teresa fired the first shot? There is just one more point I'd like to bring up before delving into the other skirmishes of the evening: The very idea that that all this drama is anything close to "reality." In that regard, there were two illuminating comments made during the reunion. Jacqueline tells Danielle to shut up and calls her a piece of garbage. -- Teresa confirms that Joe didn't get her a huge diamond for their anniversary; it was a yellow sapphire cocktail ring. I feel bad for them." Leave the girls and their light, or lack thereof, out of it, please.

Of course, the only surprise is that the producers let those acknowledgments air at all. " She flat out denies the credit card debt, even though the bankruptcy papers that list ,000 in debt to the three major department stores were written up by her own lawyer. She says Joe didn't tell her about the depth of their financial problems because he was protecting her, and that she doesn't read the negative things that are written about her. -- When asked whether Caroline regrets taking a shot at Danielle's children by saying they don't have light -- or as Caroline now describes it, "innocence" -- in their eyes, she says she doesn't. -- When Andy says that the father from the baby cancer benefit claims that Danielle never donated any money after ruining the event, Danielle tries to set the record straight. "I went door to door" -- "Lie." -- "collecting" -- "Lie. Something actually happens, other than Danielle Staub ensuring a lifetime of psychotherapy for her daughters, Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita and Dina Manzo calling meetings to discuss Danielle for no apparent reason, and Teresa Giudice talking about her sex life.I mean, all happens too, but there's some actual, if utterly producer-orchestrated, drama when Danielle attends a benefit at the Brownstone, owned by the Manzo clan, along with an entire (uninvited) troupe of "Sopranos" extras, and throws a self-righteous hissy fit when they all can't be accommodated: "You do this to a little baby."By the way?To snip or not to snip: On her way home from the hospital with baby Audriana, Teresa broaches the idea of a vasectomy to husband Joe. Teresa's nose grows a foot when she says, "Not that I really want to bring her up, but" and then brings up Danielle. Kim's son, John, is a friend of Christopher Manzo's, and pays a visit to the Manzo Manor, where the ham game is underway."You should be so happy when it's active," Joe says. Caroline tells John that she can't be friends with John's mother because she knows she's friends with Danielle.

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