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Foreign/indie films (and, increasingly, American television) are far more daring, but it’s still dismayingly rare to see onscreen sex that much resembles any memorable action you’ve ever gotten yourself.

In particular, there’s almost never any sense of what a fundamentally absurd activity it is, from a Martian’s-eye viewpoint. Club brass nixed the sex scene I initially intended to examine, from the Israeli film Late Marriage; though it’s not particularly graphic, it’s still decidedly NSFW, and way too long besides. Rent it if you’ve never seen it, and especially if you liked James Gray’s Two Lovers, which is pretty close to being an American remake.) Instead, I’ve chosen to tackle the most notorious interlude from another classic of cinematic sadomasochism: Luis Buñuel’s Belle De Jour, in which Catherine Denueve plays a rich housewife whose fantasies about being humiliated and controlled compel her to take a job in a Parisian brothel, servicing some unusual clients.

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While the situation seems bizarre, it does kind of remind me of the intense passion of being in your early twenties, where people aren't always kind with their emotions or those of others and manipulation just for the fun of it isn't unknown.

When there's a lot of hurt inside and not a good language or forum to safely get it out, these things actually do happen.

) Mulan is right up there with other Disney classics. I saw Mulan when I was about five years old (about 2008 though it was released in 1998) and didn't really understand it and didn't like it much. She is deemed unsuitable for marriage and so then thinks she has brought dishonour on her family.

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I first watched this movie at age 6- and I've loved it since! I enjoyed the heck out of this thing, as would any girl who's tried to do something that's considered guy stuff. Then I saw an advertisement for it when watching Sofia the First with my little sister (admittedly kind of more for me than her though!

Yes, there is some violence, but the battles are carried out creatively (as in, not just straight up sword to sword, but there are some deaths.) Common sense overreacts a bit- It's just flirting, nothing more. A few historical inaccuracies, but it's Disney, what did you expect? ) on Disney Junior and remembered the movie so set it to record.

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They are mocking the fact this actually happened and later on it gets better.